Video Running Assessment

  • Running assessment will be performed 1-on-1 by a physical therapist utilizing the Dartfish video analysis system.

Evaluation includes:

  • Footwear assessment
  • Nutrition and hydration review as it relates to training load
  • Injury history
  • Biomechanical and movement analysis, as well as functional strength, mobility, and dynamic stability using neuromotor assessments
  • Video and data analysis to detect vulnerabilities
  • Collaboration with a physical therapist to focus on and develop technical and tactical strategies to improve performance and reduce injuries

You will be given:

  • A written summary
  • Pictures of your findings
  • 3-5 exercises with video instructions that target your main findings
  • Personalized recommendations relating to your training goals
  • Plan of action for continuation of clinical training sessions that include pilates-based exercises and sports specific training to enhance performance will be discussed


The cost is $299 and the session lasts 90 minutes and is suitable for all levels of runners/athletes.

  • I am an avid recreational runner, and I prided myself in the fact that I ran all the way through my first pregnancy. Prior to giving birth to my second child at the age of 39, I had 8 marathons under my belt, including 2 Boston Marathons, and my personal best time which I ran less than 2 years following the birth of my first daughter. Thinking that I could pick up with running after the birth of my second daughter just I had with my first, I started training for, and ran the Paris Marathon on my 40th birthday only 10 months after my second daughter was born.

    Sounds wonderful, a marathon in Paris followed by a wonderful vacation to kick off my 40th. But, hindsight, 20/20, that was a huge mistake, and I have been on the injury roller coaster ever since. My mid-section just never went back to what it was, which I would learn later was diastasis recti, and I had to make sure I planned my running routes near restrooms because of incontinence issues as the result of a severely weakened core and pelvic floor. I had surgery and sought out physical therapy to help with the issues, but they didn’t subside. I continued to train for marathons, but each year a new injury or illness would emerge, stopping my training in its tracks. At the beginning of 2018, I started yet another training program, only to be sidelined by a stress fracture in my foot.

    Enter in Jennifer Wells McCauley. I was fortunate enough to meet Jennifer right after my stress fracture at a pelvic floor health seminar she put on at The Dailey Method in Colleyville. I felt like she was speaking directly to me at the seminar, and decided that while I was sidelined with my injury, I could work with her to start addressing my pelvic floor issues. What I soon learned from Jennifer is that all of my injury woes were tied directly to my weak core and pelvic floor. Jennifer worked with me for months while my foot was healing to address these issues with individualized one-on-one sessions with a unique emphasis on Pilates-based movements. I always felt that I had Jennifer’s complete attention during the sessions, which was key to me keeping up with the exercises she prescribed on a daily basis, allowing me to truly resolve the issues and move forward to rehabbing my foot after it healed. After my foot was healed, we then worked together to regain strength and mobility in the foot and introduce a daily pre-run core routine so that I could begin running again and build back up towards a marathon. There were some setbacks throughout this process, but Jennifer was there to support me every step of the way. She has such a great eye for movement patterns, and is able to identify and provide immediate relief and a path forward for dealing with these issues. The treatment modalities she has used with me, including cupping, Graston scraping, and dry-needling, have all provided me with a significant amount of relief and enabled me to increase my training volume safely and with confidence.

    Amazingly, by mid-spring of 2019, although I was at the peak of my marathon training, I only needed to see Jen for the occasional “tune-up”. At that time, Jill Doyle had joined the Inspire team. Having worked with Jill before in a more traditional PT practice, and knowing the specific running-related expertise she has, I was thrilled when she teamed up with Jen! Together, Jen and Jill make quite the dynamic duo! It was so amazing having two gurus of movement care for me in one session! With the addition of Jill’s specific running expertise, I have received the most comprehensive guidance for my daily pre-running routine that I think is possible. With their help, I was able to achieve and surpass my goal. After 4 long years, I was finally able to complete and run a Boston Marathon qualifying time at Grandma’s Marathon in June of 2019.

    I simply could not have achieved this goal without the help of Jen and Jill at Inspire PT and Wellness, and I cannot thank them enough!

    Suzanne S
  • Being a marathoner for 17 years, I cannot be more pleased with Jill Doyle, my sports therapist for achilles tendonitis. Jill explains how the whole body is taken into consideration when there is an injury. The exercises are practiced in the session and an easy-to-follow video, voice, timing and accountability program is provided to my phone. Dry needling and correct breathing techniques were pleasant addition. I highly recommend Inspire for any running injury.

    Debbie C