Transition to Wellness

Wellness is at the Heart of an Inspired Life

Transition To Wellness

We want YOU to live an Inspired Life!

To not just live out of pain but to maximize your potential and live the life you’ve always wanted to. Whether that means you want to run your first marathon, climb Kilimanjaro, or score under 80 in golf, we want to help take you there.  To help you achieve this we provide customized physical wellness evaluations to help you achieve your life goals.

What makes Inspire Physical Therapy and Wellness's program different?

We meet our clients where they are, and our wellness programs are individually tailored based on your needs. Whether you are transitioning from our physical therapy program or coming in as a new client, we offer a full wellness evaluation. Our staff offers a variety of clinical expertise and fitness training and that is taken into consideration as we build the best program for you and your needs. Whether you decided to continue your wellness program with a licensed PT or move into our fitness program will be determined based on your current needs and can change as you progress.

The World Health Organization defines wellness as “ a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.”

The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as a “conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

So how does this impact what we do here at Inspire Physical Therapy and Wellness? We integrate this philosophy into everything we do. The belief that we can maximize our potential in life is a core value of our business. 

How can a wellness evaluation help me?

A wellness evaluation is an evaluation of your physical capacities combined with your life goals in the absence of pain.  It will begin with a discussion of your past medical history, any self-perceived limitations, and your current physical goals.  A wellness evaluation will look at many similar things as a physical therapy evaluation. 
We will look at your posture, strength, muscle balance, the quality of your movement, and your skill at performing a task.  We will then develop a plan of action to address any limitations we came across in your exam that may be hindering your best life.  Together we can work on correcting these through a combination of hands-on-skills, movement re-education, and Pilates-based exercises.
  • I recently saw Jennifer for my chronic low back pain. I have been an RN for over 30 years, my career and a very ill-advised exercise plan in my 20’s left me with a disc injury that for years I thought was a pulled muscle. I have had several chiropractors work on me (one for 6 months) without improvement. I have seen Jennifer THREE TIMES and the results are amazing. I literally had improvement the first time. She works to get your body back in correct position, so it can work as it should. Due to the injury, the muscles that should have been supporting my spine weren’t, but with some very targeted and simple BREATHING exercises, she is healing me from the inside out. Clinically I am really amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness and she saved me from an eminent path toward surgery. To top it all off, she is warm, engaging, sincere and customizes your care specifically to your needs. 

    Patricia Daiker, RN,
    Diabetes Coach, Owner of Dragonfly Lights, Coppell, TX
  • Jennifer is an amazing physical therapist and helped me so much with a strain in my lower back (S/I joint) during my 2nd pregnancy. I was worried because I had a trip to NYC and did not think that I would be able to walk. After a few treatments with Jennifer I was happily walking around the city as the result of targeted exercises and perfectly placed kinesio-tape. Additionally, I am a pre and post natal yoga instructor and have referred many many women to Jennifer, as well as men, because I trust her. She is professional and really listens to her patients to create the best plan of treatment together. Can’t say enough good things about her!

    Desi Bartlett,
    Owner of Mother's Into Living Fit, Beachbody Instructor