Telehealth Physical Therapy

How Do Telehealth Physical Therapy Treatments Work??
What do I need to get started?
What are the advantages of using Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Simply put Telehealth Physical Therapy (Virtual Physical Therapy) are physical therapy sessions conducted over a technology platform rather than in person. It utilizes both audio and visual aides to assist in assessment and treatment.

Telehealth Physical Therapy Treatments are an effective form of online telemedicine that can help reduce pain and recover from an injury at home. Our physical therapists are able to communicate through the telehealth platform to help guide and teach patients the most important stretches, exercises and self treatment techniques to increase mobility, reduce pain and maintain your treatment progress. If you have a new injury you can begin treatment from the comfort of your own home.

During your Telehealth physical therapy session our therapists will guide you through a full movement evaluation to determine what is causing pain or limitations. We will teach a customized in-home PT treatment plan that patients can use to address what was discovered in the evaluation.

Our patients that have used the Telehealth platform have been amazed at the results that they are able to achieve at home. This gives us the tools to help patients that are concerned about going out at this time or physically cannot travel. Our online services are very effective and can save you travel time and alleviate any health concerns about going out to an office visit. 

****** Please note: Telehealth is not currently covered by Medicare and will be offered for Medicare patients at a reduced cash-rate of $120******

You can book online through our website or call the office to schedule a virtual Telehealth appointment. We offer a virtual consultation and full hour physical therapy session in our booking section.
You will receive both an email invitation and invitation to connect by phone for your session. For your first session, we will contact you BY PHONE a few minutes prior to your Telehealth session to discuss your connection, available equipment, and expectations for the session.


  • A quiet treatment environment
  • A place to set your computer or phone that will allow us to view the entire body when standing and/or lying down
  • Your clothing should be minimal and form fitting, no jackets or bulky sweater; wear shorts if we will be treating the lower extremity; sports bras for women if treating the upper extremity
  • A hard surface for treatment area such as a firm bed or yoga mat for the floor & two pillows
  • A chair
  • A therapy ball (a tennis ball or lacrosse ball is a good substitute, or even a softball if treating lower extremity)
  • Any therabands, hand weights or exercise equipment you have available
  • PRIOR TO THE SESSION, make sure your microphone and camera are enabled on the device you will be using.

We will email setup and troubleshooting instructions before your session.

Telehealth physical therapy allow you to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home
It allows your therapist to evaluate and asses you in your own environment. For instance if you have pain when you sit in your home office, your therapist can now “see” you perform the task in your own environment and provide immediate feedback to help you.

Telehealth allows you to maintain the progress you have made in physical therapy and to progress your care and home exercise routine.

This platform allows you to better manage your own condition. With guidance from your physical therapist you will be instructed in self releases and muscle activation. This in turn teaches efficacy in managing your condition.

  • I’m a college golfer who has struggled immensely with back injuries and wrist injuries. Jennifer McCauley has helped so much in such little time. I have seen Jennifer many of times and she was always able to quickly figure out the diagnosis and provide functional movements along with relieving pain and stress. I was unable to play golf for weeks getting the wrong diagnosis from other trainers for my wrist so I set up a online meeting with Jennifer to receive help. Jennifer was able to quickly figure out where all the strain and stress was coming from and she had me back and golfing in 3 days after I hadn’t been able to play in weeks. I didn’t believe an online meeting would be beneficial but it was amazing and definitely worth it. Jennifer is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend!

    Brady P
  • I had a fantastic session with Jennifer yesterday! Yes! I’m in California and she’s in Texas, but we had an hour of video health teleconferencing! It was SO beneficial! I had worked with Jennifer back in December after my right hip replacement surgery and I was feeling lately that something “ just not right”. Jennifer is a genius. She watched me get up and down from a chair and how I could and could not get up from the floor. We worked together on strategic exercises to engage certain muscles that had just, well, almost just given up!! I felt fantastic after my virtual appointment and have another one scheduled for next week! If you’re hurting and obviously because of Covid19 we can’t get in to see Jennifer, do yourself a favour and call her! She can even help you through a video call! It worked! Thank you Jennifer!!!

    Shirley R