We Heal and Strengthen

Get back to the activities you love without the use of pain medications, injections or excessive trips to the doctor’s office!
Since you are on our page I assume you are experiencing some sort of pain, limitation or are looking to enhance performance.

  • Do you feel like you have exhausted all options and still do not have relief from pain?
  • Have you been told muscle relaxers or pain medication is your only option at this point?
  • Have you tried physical therapy before and felt as though the one-on-one time was lacking and that you did not see results being left to do exercises on your own?
  • Are you working to enhance performance, but feel limitations due to pain or instability?
  • Are you experiencing pain that is limiting you from doing the things you love? Do you want a solution that includes hands-on care and not pain medication or injections? 
Many of our patients have had the same experiences and frustrations before they found Inspire Physical Therapy and Wellness. Pain medications and muscle relaxers are just a temporary fix and traditional physical therapy treatment plans are often dictated by the insurance company not the patient.

At Inspire Physical Therapy and Wellness we are able to help our patients heal faster we are committed to giving you what you are paying for…..time with a specialist. We spend your sessions providing hands on care which leads to less visits and in most cases less money out of pocket.

About Inspire

Our Mission

Our mission is to get to the root cause of pain and restrictions for our patients. We believe the human body is designed to heal itself and our team is passionate about working with our patients to facilitate that healing.