Are you experiencing pain that is limiting you from doing the things you love?
Are you working to enhance performance, but feel limitations due to pain or instability?
At Inspire Physical Therapy and Wellness we help our patients heal faster through our one-on-one hour long treatment sessions and a customized plan of care.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to get to the root cause of pain and restrictions for our patients. We believe the human body is designed to heal itself and our team is passionate about working with our patients to facilitate that healing.

Marathon Runner

David Ball

We wanted to highlight David’s journey of healing and recovery during his training for The Boston Marathon! It is truly an INSPIRING story, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with him!

Our Inspiration

What our beloved clients say about us!
  • I have suffered from back pain and spasms for 10+ years. The facility is very clean, well run and equipped with a wide variety of equipment. I saw Jill Doyle, who used many different techniques to alleviate the pain and taught me exercises to change my posture and breathing that allowed me to manage/prevent the pain from reoccurring. Her extensive knowledge, range of skills and personable nature make her a true asset to anyone looking for relief from pain. Thank you Jill for all you did for me!

    Pat Hurley
  • Amy is a fantastic PT! Very personable, a good listener and so intuitive about what ails you. She also explained everything thoroughly which was a pleasant surprise compared to other PT’s I have seen. Highly recommend Inspire PT!

    Sue Lamon
  • I cannot say enough good things about Inspire and their therapists and staff! I first discovered Inspire after a recommendation to see Jennifer for pelvic floor therapy after being in horrific pain for over a year due to interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor dysfunction. When I came to Jennifer I was barely functioning day to day because of my extreme pain. I have a very complex medical history that includes Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. These conditions make my treatment complex. Jennifer worked tirelessly to find the best way to treat my symptoms without flaring my other conditions. My first visit the horrible stinging was gone for the first time in over a year! Jennifer became completely in tune with my body and how it responded to treatment. I made a full recovery and am living life with little to no pain. Because my conditions are chronic I have to come in for “tune ups “ occasionally. I’m always so impressed that Jennifer has always learned something new. She is always looking for the next missing piece in my puzzle. It is through the trust she built in my treatments that I started bringing my boys to first her and then to Jill. My boys all have hyper mobility and two have Ehlers Danlos. They are all athletes. To say Jill keeps them doing what they love is an understatement. My baseball player deals with subluxations and dislocations of joints. It is through their DNS training and exercises my son has been able to not only continue pitching, but has improved. Things like proper breathing and stability have been crucial to his success! My oldest is a runner and spent all the time in pain and injured. Since seeing Jill he has run a half marathon and come in 3rd! We have learned to be proactive in treatment with both boys and this has kept them healthy and functioning fully in their sports! Along with helping them through therapy Jill was instrumental in teaching them proper nutrition and hydration which have helped to prevent injury in conjunction with the stability created through proper body mechanics. I would highly recommend Inspire to anyone! They are a blessing to our family!

    Shelley Hillyard
  • Jennifer McCauley is an amazing physical therapist. She is definitely the most knowledgeable one that I have ever been involved with. I am a physician and I appreciate her ability to listen as well as her technical skill in treating my low back pain. She always has a smile on her face and genuinely cares for her patients. I have referred many of my own patients to her for general PT as well as pelvic floor dysfunction. I cannot recommend her enough!!

    Kevin Gordon
  • My friend recommended me to Inspire and specifically Jennifer. I went in for a consultation and told her what was wrong and she was able to immediate pin point some MAJOR issue areas. I signed up for a 5 session package in order to deal with a knee pain that I’d been dealing with for basically a year. After the first session, my knee was night and day better. I went from struggling to go up and down stairs to barely any pain in an hour!

    Brittany Anderson
  • I started seeing Dr. McCauley for help with pelvic floor dysfunction after the birth of my 3rd child. She used dry needling, trigger point release, and pilates-based rehabilitation as well as other PT therapies. She is literally EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a PT. She has years of experience, she knows everything about pelvic floor PT, she engages in continuing education (so she is on the cutting edge of new PT research and therapy techniques), she is passionate about helping her patients, she is always always on-time, her rates are appropriate, and she is just a lovely person.

    Kacy Michel
  • I work in the service industry where I am looking down constantly all day. My neck and back have been in pain for YEARS! I never thought I could have a pain-free day until I came here and saw Dr. McCauley. Her dry needling technique is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t hurt, it feels completely relieving. She is SO incredible at what she does. The best part about her other than her compassion and kindness is her ability to be intuitive. She just knows where I have pain and is able to feel it. She’s brilliant and amazing at what she does.

    Haley Ostrander
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